Apr 03

select_example32.gifI spend a substantial amount of time working with Excel and other applications that require me to select multiple items, copy them and then past them into other worksheets or applications. I’d be dead in the water without this easy shortcut and the one that follows. So without further delay, here’s how you select a bunch of items that are in sequence - one after another or otherwise ‘attached’.

Start by left-clicking on the first item in the list. In this case, I want to select all the dogs in my example so I start by just clicking on Kylie once which highlights her.

Next, I simply hold down the Shift key and click on the last item in the list I want which is Skeeter. Simple as that, all the dogs are selected.

If I wanted to pick all the dogs and all the cats I would simply repeat the first step and single click on Kylie to select her, then click on the last cat in the list, Sparta, to select him. Bam! All dogs and cats selected. Now I can use the copy/paste shortcut from my previous post to move this information to another location!


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